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At Focus Solar, we master the art of solar resource estimation. That's the study of how much energy is provided by the sun under different weather conditions. The use of satellite earth observations has brought a whole new dimension to solar resource assessment. High resolution solar energy data are now available to solar system owners everywhere in the United States offering a wealth of new opportunities. It's now possible to monitor solar systems from space and to spot microclimates on high-resolution maps of solar energy.

Did you ever wonder how well your solar system really performs?

Do not wonder any longer. Get the facts now. It is easy and affordable. We offer measurements of solar system performance based on satellite data. There is no need to buy an expensive local sensor. One "sensor" up in the sky, the Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite, can monitor all PV systems in the country. It is already installed, maintenance is taken care of by NOAA, and it is top quality. Do you want to take advantage of all that?
Are you looking for independent information on PV product quality?

You are at the right place. If you are thinking about buying a solar system and need some quality assurance information, then check out our PV Performance Database. You can search this database for manufacturer brands and installer companies.
Do you want to get the most out of your solar system?

Yes, of course. And now there is a way to do it. Use our PV Calculator to get a high-precision forecast of the expected energy yield at your site. A comprehensive PV Calculator Plus is available for the pros who want to best utilize the solar resource potential. When you already have a solar system, check its performance! With our Performance Calculator you will find out whether or not your system is working properly. If your performance ratio is not at least 70% you may not get the true value of your investment returned. A performance check requires independent information on the amount of solar energy at your location which even your installer can't know unless you also paid for a reference sensor being installed at your house.
Searching for solar energy maps?

Your new solar project deserves a special sunny place. In solar energy it's no different than in real estate. It's location, location, location. The energy that is incident on your solar system is called irradiance and is typically measured in kilowatt-hours (kWh) per square meter. Please have a look in our free archive of solar energy maps. Customized local maps are available on request.
Solar Policy: Want your voice to be heard in Washington and Sacramento?

Then participate in our opinion poll and vote on the solar legislation you think will work best for the country. Are you satisfied with the uptake of solar technologies in the market place or should the developments go faster? Do you think existing programs are sufficient and appropriate to bring the solar economy up to speed or that more needs to be done? Express your opinion at the discussion forum and cast your vote.
Need in-depth technical information on solar energy?

Check out our FAQ area and find the answers you are looking for. Everything from market surveys, ways to measure PV performance, typical problems, the best cities for solar, and much more.Make sure to check out the latest in portable chargers for iPhone,Samsung,Ipad and Tablets over at Amazon also

Focus Solar is your partner for solar resource questions and performance evaluations. We are a team of scientists using modern remote-sensing technology to compute the solar energy received on the ground. With this knowledge we create customized solutions for PV applications, such as a check of PV system performance.

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